Music by Francesco Cavalli
Libretto by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini
Loosely Based on Apollonius' Argonautica

Chicago Opera Theater
At the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, Chicago

Conductor, Christian Curnyn
Director, Justin Way

A review by M. D. Ball of the performance on Apr. 24, 2010

Even though human culture has changed since Apollonius wrote about Jason and the Argonauts, human nature has remained basically the same. Cavalliís 17th-century opera Jason punctuates this simple truth. Whether we approach Jason as an ancient myth, a Baroque soap opera, or a hybrid of the two, Chicago Opera Theaterís current production keeps it meaningful to a 21st-century audience by distilling the drama and comedy from the story, along with the gravity and silliness of human life, the wisdom and folly, and the nobility and profligacy. And all this in a tidy 165-minute package that delights the ears and the eyes.

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